Fitness Apps – What’s on your phone?

what apps do you use?

I stumbled into this article from the Daily News titled the Top 6 Smartphone Apps for Losing Weight. It made me curious, what apps do other people like that I am missing out on. I have a smartphone and I use it for fitness every day. So listed below are the ones I use. I should mention that I am using the free version of all the apps listed.

1. For tracking food – MyFitnessPal. I track 4 days a week on average and I’ve been doing it since October. Sometimes tracking food can be a pain but I am certain that is how I lost 10 pounds of post-baby weight this winter – including during the holiday season. I did not increase my activity; I got my eating under control and this app worked for me. I’ve convinced some friends to use it as well and it is fun to see what they are up to. I’m not active in their online community often, but that option is available.

2. For tracking runs/walks – RunKeeper. It is very user friendly so far. I’m not sharing my runs publicly so I’m not sure about the sharing functionality. I can say that my children and I walked 1.47 miles yesterday in about 40 minutes. Well, I pushed the stroller and they rode their bikes. That’s not bad for a three year old on a little tricycle.

3. For new workout ideas – Fitocracy. This app gives you points for what you do and presents you with challenges to complete so you can level up. I love the concept, but I haven’t started really using it yet. The social community is very welcoming and friendly.

4. For Interval workouts – I recently downloaded HIIT Interval Training Timer developed by Giorgio Regni. It is just what it needs to be – an easy to use timer for tabata style workouts. In the last month I have grown to love this.

5. Other – Not technically a “fitness” app, but related to wellness is an app called Conscious. Every day this app presents a new challenge which you can choose to accept before noon.  The challenges are things such as being aware of your body language or paying attention to your anxiety level and notice triggers. At night you complete the challenge by reporting your findings in a personal journal. It is a small but engaged community that follows regularly. I only accept the challenge once every couple weeks but it is fun to do.

So that is what I am currently using. What apps are on your phone? What would you recommend (or not)?

7 comments on “Fitness Apps – What’s on your phone?

  1. Brian

    My Favorite is JEFit, The program tracks your weight lifting and calculates your one rep max. This tracking allows you to keep pushing yourself. It also allows community members to upload workouts with specific lifts. This is a great way to add variety to your lifting routine. The app also has a database of different lifts with pictures of how to perform the lift, so you can try new things!

    • That sounds awesome for tracking lifting – which is essential if you want to get stronger. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Katie

    I use RunKeeper for my runs and mapmyride for my bike workouts. I love the GPS functionality of both these apps. Mapmyride is a great way to plan a new bike route.

    • I will definitely check out mapmyride! Where do you keep your phone when you ride/run? Thanks for sharing!

      • Katie

        When I run I hold my iphone. When I bike my bento box has a side pocket for my phone.

  3. Jenna

    I’m signed up with myfitnesspal, but not a very regular user…

    • haha, apps are only as good as we use them I guess. :)

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